Unlock Your Psychic Potential

Unlock Your Psychic Potential

Unlocking Your Psychic Potential 
takes you on a journey of psychic self-discovery. The information on this CD will help guide you as you travel the path towards understanding celestial communication. At the end of the audiobook is a guided meditation that will assist you in meeting your Spirit Guide(s), if you have not yet been introduced.

In an interesting conversational style, Psychic Medium Pat Bussard combines facts and stories gleaned from a lifetime of speaking with those who have crossed over to create a resource for those who are interested in unlocking their psychic potential.

The audiobook covers:
* The #1 barrier preventing you from realizing
your full psychic potential
* Types of psychic abilities
* Types of Spirit Guides
* Alpha State and its importance
* Centering
* The importance of trust
* Shielding and warding

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    Audiobook: 40 Minutes

Pat O'Keefe


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