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Pat's fascination with the preternatural is a family tradition, as is her gift as a psychic medium. Her mother and grandmother were instrumental in raising her in a household where it was taught that the universe and its possibilities were infinite.  They created an environment in which she developed a fascination for all things paranormal and was able to freely improve her psychic gifts. She is a Spirit-led medium. She is also an intuitive Tarot reader, although she rarely uses them these days.


An encounter with her mother's astral projection was her first memory. Since then, interacting with discarnate souls has become part of her daily routine.

In addition to her talents as a Spirit-led medium and psychic, she is able to read past lives, and has a gift for dream interpretation. It was this interest in past lives and their profound effect on us that led her to become a Certified Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. In addition to using hypnosis to connect her clients to their past lives to recover memories, she is a Reiki III practitioner (she will be a Reiki Master by April 2020).  After placing clients into hypnosis, which makes them much more open to healing suggestions, she uses the power of Reiki for the healing of mind, body, and Spirit.


Pat is a photographer, author, columnist, and paranormal investigator. She journeys regularly into the otherworlds to bring back images and stories of the strange and macabre for inclusion online, and in books and magazines around the globe.

Capturing the essence of these locations is the ultimate goal of her writing and photography. She has authored numerous featured columns on non-fiction paranormal topics for “The Literary Hatchet,” “Haunted After Dark,” “Ghost Voices Magazine,” “Haunted Times Magazine,” “Phenomena,” and “Paranormal Magazine,” amongst others. She has had several stories and photographs featured on George Noory’s “Coast to Coast AM.” 


Pat is the author of several books including, Boneyard Voice, Thirty True Tales of the Weird, Unusual and Macabre and The Ghosts of St. Albans Sanatorium. She has also published an audiobook, Unlock Your Psychic Potential.

Pat is currently working on her fifth book, which is a graphic novel and will begin work on her first documentary, The Magick of Appalachian Granny Women in the summer of 2020.

In addition, her gothic-inspired photography has graced the covers of such magazines as “Haunted: After Dark,” “Midnight Screaming,” “The Pedestal,” and “Twisted Dreams Magazine,” among others.  Her work has been on exhibit, most recently at the 606 State Street Gallery in Bristol, TN. 

Pat has presented at many different paranormal-themed conventions including ScareFest, Paranormal Restore, and EnigmaCon, among many others. She is slated to speak at RavenCon, Williamsburg, Virginia during the weekend of April 24-26 and at will appear at HeXpo, the weekend of August 14 and 15, in Asheville, NC.

She  holds a Master of Science degree from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA and has worked for several decades as a journalist, journalism instructor, and public relations practitioner. She has completed graduate studies in communication and higher education administration through Virginia Tech, Radford University, and George Mason University. Pat is a member of the International High IQ Society.

For additional information about Pat, go to: www.patokeefephotography.com  or www.fullmooncaravan.com

A B O U T  Y O U R  R E A D I N G

I look forward to speaking with you and connecting you with someone you thought was lost to you forever.


Contacting someone you love who has crossed over can be a life-changing experience. To find out that they are OK, that they do check in on you, that the little things you've noticed that makes you think they are with you, even now -- are all true.


It is not necessary, but expediant to tell me the name and relationship of the person to you. This simply speeds up the reading, so that valuable time is not wasted.


Answers to your questions about LIFE * LOVE * CAREER can be found here, too.


Pat O'Keefe